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Epic!!! Beautiful message :)

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Patel Williams - P.A.K.I - Pharrell Williams - Happy Parody

#PatelWilliams (Lyrics / Subtitles available: press caption button)

Be kind & Please Attain Knowledge Immediately

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Credits & Lyrics-

Written & Directed by:
Jai Rajani

Ali Zaidi

Produced by:
Aztec Productions
& Jai Rajani

Bobby Nio

Craig Storrod
Janine Stride
Kyle Treslove
Mandeep Dhillon
Nathan Bryon
Paul McNeily
Stuart McKenzie
Warren Adams

Adam Dahrouge
Alida Pantone
Arpan Patel
Caroline McQueen
Edd Muruako
Jamie Giles
Joe Riley
Jonny Leigh Wright
Krupa Pattani
Laura Clarke
Laura Jane Matthewson
Lilly Driscoll
Margaret Ashley
Mike Coormiah
Narin Oz
Rishi Tailor
Simon Gibbons
Stephanie Sen
Robert Craig Walters
Tom Slater

Cinematography & Lighting:
Michael Barmparis

Editing & Colourist:
Mitul Rajani

Production Assistants:
Arpan Patel
Craig Storrod
Kyle Treslove

Special Thanks:
Anami Patel
Alhan Gencay
Arpan Patel
Bruce Nagra
Colin Emerson
Craig Storrod
Jack Shalloo
Hormuzd Todiwala
Rishi Tailor
Taner K.
Pharrell Williams!


It might seem racist what I'm about to say
But as I'm brown, baby it's okay
In fact I'm Indian, but to you it's the same
Please Attain Knowledge Immediately

Be kind and P.A.K.I
Clap along if you feel like you're proud of your roots
Be kind and P.A.K.I
Clap along if you feel like ignorance is a fool
Be kind and P.A.K.I
Clap along if you know what heritage is to you
Be kind and P.A.K.I
Please Attain Knowledge Immediately so we're cool

The B.N.P wanna send me back
Well that's how we felt when the Empire attacked
Now study your history at home tonight
And I'll see you tomorrow, benefit line


Make me frown
Can't no-one, make me frown
P - A - K - I
Hate me now
Can't no-one, hate me now
P - A - K - I


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