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We researched the heritages of three women and gave them makeovers inspired by their backgrounds, exploring diverse traditions of beauty. We then showed these women their new looks to see how they would react.

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Swati Nair
Katelyn Statton
Emily Wang

Elizabeth I, Armanda Portrait, c. 1588 (oil on panel)
George Gower / Getty Images

Goddess Durga destroying the depon
Aapthamithra / Getty Images

China, Shaanxi Province, Xian, painting of Tang Dynasty dancing girl
Karen Su / Getty Images

Hindu Goddess, Durga, durga festival
yogesh_more / Getty Images

Portrait of Elizabeth I / Getty Images

Tang Dynasty fresco
4x-image / Getty Images

Godness of mercy at China
Godwater / Getty Images

Face of Goddess Durga
KuntalSaha / Getty Images

Elizabethan Woman, oil on wood panel
David David Gallery / Getty Images

Durga idol with Ashura, Hindu religion
Partha Pal / Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth I
Duncan Walker / Getty Images

China, Shaanxi Province, Xian, painting of Tang Dynasty emperor with concumbines
Keren Su / Getty Images

Durga Idol, Durga Puja Celebrations, Delhi
Mukul Banerjee Photography / Getty Images

Portrait of Elizabeth I / Getty Images

Yan Kwei Fei, Chinese historical beauty concubine in Tang Dynasty
IMAGEMORE Co, Ltd. / Getty Images



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